Mr. Mo @ City Music Center

I am glad to have been named the Eurhythmics instructor for the Duquesne University City Music Center.  My friend Jayne MacDonald had been the instructor here for two decades and did an amazing job.  I have had a wonderful time so far with the students and have learned so much from them.  This setting is a great place for me to stretch out my teaching “chops” and evaluate how my pedagogy can be effective for more advanced music students.

In the first few weeks, I have been mainly focused on evaluating the students, teaching my procedures, and setting up expectations.  I have four classes, ranging in age from three to eleven years old.

Pre K/K –  These students are wonderful and active.  They love music so much!  We are enjoying experimenting with different movements.  We have practiced jumping and galloping so far, but each week we will focus on another movement style.  The students will experiment with making that movement more musical, and how each movement might “sound.”  We also have begun to develop the ear with some singing and rhythmic speech.

Primary – This group is amazing! Already in the first few weeks, they have shown me some beautiful movement and expression.  The are capable of so much at this age.  I am still in the process of evaluating them, but we have touched on topics including rhythm and meter.  Their natural feeling for music is seemingly limitless.

Elementary –  This is my largest group and I am still getting a feel for them.  I feel like the structure and procedure with this group will be so important, and I am taking some time to set that up strongly.  When I can get them to focus, I have seem glimpses of some very good movement.

Intermediate –  I am testing the limits of this group, trying to find a good developmental level to shoot for.  Some are quite advanced, while others need more practice on basics.   With a diverse level of prior knowledge, it will be a challenge to find activities to both challenge some students while being appropriate for others.

Looking forward to the rest of the year!